name: Ahmad S Chatha
  professions: [Student, Software Developer]
  email: lastname firstname @
  Resume: pdf
  Interactive Resume: Resume Graph

  - education:
    - university: New York University
      degree: B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science
      duration: 09/2009 - 01/2014
    - university: Columbia University
      degree: M.S. in Computer Science
      duration: 01/2015 - 05/2016
  - Work:
    - company: Simons Foundation
      position: software engineer
      duration: 05/2014 - current

  # my blog entries
  - LoveXTC -  Java to C++ translator
  - Ways of Integrating React.js and D3.
  -  Indoor navigation using Ibeacons and deep learning (Stopped working thanks to code depreciation - Program v Automobile) 
  - RPCA based moving entity detection from a moving camera

  # stuff i like to do / think about / follow (in no particular order)
  - machine learning.
  - solving problems through programming.
  - cars.
  - cricket.
  - learning new stuff.
  - Financial, Business and Tech news.
  - reading books.

  # frequently asked questions
  - question: what's up with the style of this site?
      - The format is YAML. Its clean and clear.
  - question: did i copy it from someone?
      - Yes. From Clark Evans, who came up with Yaml.
  - question: why did i copy it?
      - Its minimalistic, super easy to maintain and gets the point across.